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Medical Society draws consensus on the need for NIPT genetic test for all pregnant women for early screening of fetal abnormalities

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    How does the Matrnity NIPT work?

    Matrnity NIPT is a prenatal screening test which is aimed at determining risk for trisomy conditions of chromosomes 13, 18 and 21 in the unborn child using the whole blood sample of the carrying mother. The USPs include;

    – Early screening test

    – Accuracy and sensitivity higher than traditional serum-based tests

    – Non-invasive thus reducing risk of miscarriage considerably

    How do we become a legit service provider of Matrnity NIPT?

    If this prospect appeals, you can always drop in an email at [email protected]

    We will guide you through our simple documentation process and get you on board.

    What are the samples to be sent?

    Whole blood sample from the pregnant mother in the specialized sample collection tube which come in our sample collection kit. Please note the sample will be picked and processed only when collected using our kit and only when all the enclosures are filled.

    What are the other tasks that a service provider has to handle apart from sample collection?

    The following are the list of tasks to be handled from the service provider end for every sample;

    • Procure the sample collection kit – Once you have registered with us, an order can be easily placed through online system. Bulk orders work best for both ends as it can save time.
    • Sample collection in the sample vial provided in the kit
    • Make the pregnant mother/client undergoing the test to fill out the consent form inside the kit
    • Take relevant signatures from the client as well as the prescribing doctor
    • Connect back with us for sample pickup
    • Scan/Click a picture of the duly filled and signed consent form and mail it back to us with sample details as well as pickup address and timing for the same using our sample information sheet
    • Handover the kit back with the sample vial and the filled and duly signed consent forms to the LME / Courier Service Provider

    Is there any special care to be taken while venipuncture or sample collection?

    Ensure the consent form is signed prior to sample collection. Collect 10mL blood in the tube provided in the Matrnity NIPT sample collection kit. Once collected, invert the tube gently 10 times for proper mixing.

    Improper mixing technique can hamper sample integrity affecting test outcome.

    What is the best gestation age for NIPT?

    The ideal gestation window is from 10 weeks – 24 weeks.

    Is there any temperature conditions for storing NIPT samples?

    Whole blood once collected for Matrnity NIPT before shipment pickup and also during transit is to be maintained at ideal room temperature conditions which does not exceed 35 degree celsius.

    What are the possible outcomes of the NIPT report?

    Three possible report outcomes could be;

    • Low risk – This indication points out that the detected risk for the tested conditions of trisomy 13, 18 and 21 is low in the unborn child.
    • High risk – This indication points out that the the detected risk for the tested conditions of trisomy 13, 18 and 21 is high in the unborn child. This further, indicates the need for tests like Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) or Amniocentesis for confirmation.
    • Need for resampling – This outcome is presented for a small number of reports when analysis from the received sample does not meet our strict reporting criteria. This could be due to;

    – Insufficient cffDNA in the blood

    – Sample integrity issues that arise due to improper venipuncture or inadequate sample mixing in the tube

    – Inadequate analysis for accurate reporting


    Please note NIPT is a screening test only, and further course of action to be planned by the pregnancy care giver based on clinical history as well as indications.

    What obstetric future course can NIPT results affect?

    NIPT is an early screening tool and is generally recommended in cases of high risk pregnancies and also to determine the need for an invasive test. NIPT effectively screens and identifies the true need for further invasive tests, which carry an inherent risk of miscarriage albeit small.

    Apart from need for further invasive tests, NIPT also gives the involved couple time to prepare for their pregnancy journey in case of a positive result and also undergo appropriate counseling for handling the outcome.

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