Pregnancy Tests In Mumbai – Online Booking

Pregnancy tests (online) in Mumbai at Matrnity (Powered by Thyrocare) are imperative, trustworthy as well as accurate. These help ensure whether you are pregnant or not. The procedure saves you from an unnecessary trip to the hospital or a medical store. Sample collection is hassle-free and it happens right at the convenience of your place. Talking about the symptoms, several body changes may appear before and/ or after pregnancy. However, these alone may not validate the condition. Delayed periods, breast tenderness, hormonal imbalances and/ or other health issues can also indicate other underlying concerns. But, if these actually relate to the early signs of pregnancy – home pregnancy tests (online) in India, Mumbai can help you know.


What Is an Online Pregnancy Test?

An online pregnancy test is specifically designed to detect the levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) which is the basic measure of ensuring if you are pregnant or not. The hormone is produced by the cells present in your placenta to sustain the embryo and later attach to the uterine wall. hCG levels increase in every 2-3 days if you are pregnant. And usually, it is the urine or blood sample that is taken for testing. An online test like that of Matrnity helps detect if your urine or blood contains the hormone or not. It is also known as a quantitative pregnancy test that is most appropriately conducted through blood sampling.

An experienced practitioner visits your home at the time comfortable for you, collects the sample (as needed) and submits the same at the lab for further diagnosis.

Test Kits vs. Lab Tests

For preliminary screening, you can make use of the commonly available test kits like Prega News, Pregcolor, Dr Reddy’s Velocit, i-Can, and AccuTesthCG. These are, of course, convenient as well as private. The kits come with proper instructions and confirm your pregnancy even without you having to visit a doctor or a lab. In most cases, these home tests are accurate.

However, for a more sensitive and an advanced test, you must consider getting it done from an authorized lab like Matrnity. We offer pregnancy-related solutions right at the comfort of your home. A medical practitioner from our lab will visit your home and collect the required samples to send for further analysis. Although such tests take a bit more time as compared to home tests, these are reliable as well as 100% genuine. All you have to do is book an appointment online and we shall take care of the rest.

How Early Can You Take a Pregnancy Test?

It’s a common question – how early can you take a pregnancy test? So, the simplest answer is a week after you’ve missed your period. Ideally, it is after missing your menstrual cycle that you can take the test. In other words, test at least 7-10 days post ovulation. However, if that’s not the case, test at least a week or two after you’ve been intimate with your partner. Your internal system needs some time to show up accurate results. Hence, at least 12 days of a gap is necessary. If the pregnancy test is taken too early, the results may be inaccurate. Other than that, you may look out for certain signs that indicate towards you being pregnant.

Signs To Look Out For

Missed Periods: One of the most evident signs of pregnancy is a missed period. Consider taking the test if you haven’t had the cycle. A delay or skipped cycle can also result from excessive stress, a sedentary lifestyle or a particular health condition. So, be cautious of your body and keep a note of your cycles, always!

Tender Breasts: This doesn’t always indicate towards pregnancy, but can also be because you are PMSing. However, tender breasts along with the increasing size can be due to hormonal changes that happen because of pregnancy. If that’s what you are noticing, try taking a pregnancy test to make sure if it’s positive or negative.

You feel different: You may feel the need to urinate frequently. Along with tender breasts, you may also experience excessive exhaustion, severe cramps, nausea, fatigue, gas/ bloating/ constipation, morning sickness and an unusual disinclination towards certain foods.

Despite using contraceptives, condoms and other birth control methods, there isn’t 100% assurance. So, no matter how careful you are, the condoms can tear or the contraceptive might not be fully effective. So, it is always better to test if you experience any of the above signs. A test, if positive, will enable you to think for yourself and your needs in accordance. Pregnancy tests (online) in Mumbai at Matrnity will help you immensely during the entire phase

How does Online Pregnancy Test work?

An online test essentially helps measure the level of pregnancy hormone in your urine or blood. Exactly how online pregnancy test works? An expert visits your home to collect the samples and conduct the required HCG test. This is a non-fasting pregnancy test where just 1 ml of the sample is collected from the patient. It is convenient as well as an affordable option. You can easily avoid travelling hassles, standing in queues, and in fact, fix an appointment as per your schedule. In turn, you get the best quality assistance from our trained lab technicians. We at Matrnity also maintain the privacy of not just the results but also the tests to be carried out. For us, the patient’s satisfaction is our foremost priority.

Is the Online Pregnancy Test Safe?

Of course and without any doubt – booking an online pregnancy test is absolutely safe. Primarily, it is a lab test facility right at the comfort of your doorstep and analyzed by a specialist with utmost care. The tests are indeed reliable. At Matrnity, we have trained professionals who come to your home, office or wherever you are comfortable and collect the samples. We maintain complete transparency in our services. The collection process is super-fast and the reports are delivered/ mailed in just a few days. Also, the medical data is confidential hence it is highly secure in our server.

How Accurate Is an Online Pregnancy Test?

Online pregnancy tests are quite accurate. These give you not just an idea but detail the entire situation. Urine tests are around 97% accurate. However, blood tests, on the other hand, provide you with even better results. Accuracy also depends upon a few factors like:

  • The sample collected – urine/ blood
  • Time at which you are going for the test
  • How soon or late are you testing
  • The authenticity of the lab
  • Parameters measured

Moreover, if you know which tests to exactly go for and which particular diagnostic services to choose from, it’s all safe and accurate.

How to Do a Pregnancy Test (Online) in Mumbai?

If you want to go for home pregnancy tests (online) in India particularly Mumbai, we are here to help. Call us or simply book a test appointment online i.e. through our website and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

How Much Does the Online Pregnancy Test Cost in Mumbai?

Pricing usually depends on the test or the exact combination you are opting for. At times, it is just a basic screening test but sometimes the patient asks for a much comprehensive diagnosis. The price structure can also vary from one lab to another. However, we at Matrnity (Powered by Thyrocare), the top-most centre for pregnancy tests (online) in Mumbai, have a fixed charge for all the related packages. These are affordable and as per individual needs.

The details of the pregnancy test rate list are as follows:

  • Pregnancy M Profile – 61 Parameters: 1200 Rs
  • Pregnancy A  Profile – 65 Parameters: 2000 Rs
  • Serum Pregnancy-Associated Plasma Protein A: 1200 Rs
  • Pregnancy B Profile – 78 Parameters: 3000 Rs
  • First Trimester Pregnancy C Profile – 90 Parameters: 4000 Rs
  • Second Trimester Pregnancy C Profile – 91 Parameters: 4000 Rs

Why Choose for an Online Pregnancy Test?

To help you opt the most reliable pregnancy tests (online) in Mumbai, we are here to help. At Matrnity (Powered by Thyrocare) – one of the most trusted centres for home pregnancy tests (online) in India, we ensure that all your pregnancy-related needs are taken care of. But, why choose us? Because “Complete Pregnancy Care Begins Here!” And also because of:

  • We are best amongst most others in Mumbai
  • Our expert technicians seamlessly guide you through the process
  • The accuracy rate is the highest
  • There’s a well-trained staff

The tests conducted at our lab depend on your personal needs, records, affordability as well as acceptability. The pregnancy tests under Matrnity are the ones routinely and necessarily prescribed.

Preventive care tests include the following:

  • M Pregnancy Profile with 61 Tests
  • A Pregnancy Profile with 65 Tests
  • B Pregnancy Profile with 78 Tests
  • First Trimester – Pregnancy Profile C with 90 Tests
  • Second Trimester – Pregnancy Profile C with 91 Tests

You can refer to our site here for in-depth information.

Also, we have custom designed packages for every mother-to-be keeping in mind different parameters that may cater to her overall well-being. Each of the tests come at an affordable cost right at your doorstep. We make sure that all your needs are responsibly administered without having to trouble you for even the tiniest thing.

Final Words…

For people residing in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Matrnity (Powered by Thyrocare) is a one-stop solution for all your maternity needs. We at Matrnity guarantee complete customer support, total convenience, and 100% quality. The experts who visit you for sample collection are friendly as well as qualified in performing their job with efficiency. The samples are then carefully produced at the lab for further testing. For pregnancy tests (online) in Mumbai, simply log on to our WEBSITE, click on THIS LINK or navigate to the ‘Bookings’ tab present right on top of the site. Fill in the required information and we will get in touch with you through a call or an e-mail. For such home pregnancy tests (online) in India, only about 1 ml of blood (in case of a blood test) is required and the results are 99.9% accurate.